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Brainstorming Session

LivePlan Coaching Programme


Accelerate your business by planning

  • In addition to the “GO” the business owner will have regular additional coaching and strategy sessions to accelerate your business change and growth.

  • Up to two additional team members can also be coached within the package to help build a high performing team.

  • Review your systems and see how they can be improved to increase performance and productivity.

Planning a 3-Year Business Strategy

Our philosophy of helping small business owners succeed by freeing them from complicated spreadsheets and intimidating financial systems. With innovative systems and advisory services, giving you the confidence to focus on the business, your passion, whilst retaining the financial health of your business.
We integrate Xero with business planning and financial tracking software LivePlan. These cloud-based tools, coupled with our expertise in business growth and financial management, gives their small business clients an advantage. Small businesses who actively plan, track against that plan, and adjust their plan based on market need, grow  faster. Planning and tracking is what separates small businesses who are surviving from those who are thriving.
LivePlan gives small business owners the ability to understand their financial strengths and where they need to adjust their assumptions. LivePlan’s integration with leading cloud based financial systems helps you to easily access key financial data wherever you need it, in a visual  format that’s easy to understand.


“Accounting data alone is not sufficient enough to run a business,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software.

"Business owners must also track how those actual numbers compare to their budget and forecast and their historical performance. LivePlan gives small business owners access to this information – in an easy to view format – without having to ask their bookkeeper or accountant to run multiple reports. With this, accountants are becoming strategic advisors, and helping small businesses in areas beyond taxes, bookkeeping, and audits".

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